NoSQL In-Memory Datastore for .NET

NoSQL datastore lets you store non-relational data like documents and objects. This provides simplicity of design in comparison to relational data where you have to do the object-to-relational mapping. NoSQL datastore also provides a flexible schema because each document/object can be different from others. And, finally, NoSQL datastore provides distribution of data across multiple servers for scalability of storage and transaction capacity.

NCache can be used as a powerful NoSQL Datastore for .NET. It provides all the benefits of a NoSQL Datastore mentioned above but adds the value of being extremely fast because it is an In-Memory Datastore. This last aspect makes NCache very attractive for high transaction applications that need extreme processing speeds.

NCache is an extremely fast and scalable In-Memory Distributed Cache for .NET / .NET Core.

How is NCache a NoSQL Datastore?

NCache provides the following sets of features that make NCache a powerful NoSQL In-Memory Datastore.

  1. Flexible Schema: Store JSON documents or .NET objects in NCache where each object is different from others.
  2. Linear Scalability thru Distribution: NCache distributes data to multiple servers based on Hash algorithm around keys (Partition-Replica Topology). This distribution allows you to scale your storage as well as transaction capacity.
  3. SQL / LINQ Search: NoSQL Datastore is used to store huge amounts of data. And, finding this data easily requires the support of SQL/LINQ queries. NCache provides this support and gives you an ExecuteReader style API for SQL. And, being a native .NET solution, NCache also provides support for LINQ queries.
  4. Persistence: NCache lets you persist data stored in it thru a variety of methods. You can use Write-through/Write-behind features of NCache to persist data to your custom store. Or, you can use Dump/Reload tools provided with NCache to take snapshots of your data at different intervals.

Having the ability to use NCache for messaging and also for caching data make .NET Microservices perform very fast.

Why Use NCache as NoSQL Datastore?

If your applications are developed in .NET / .NET Core and want to use a NoSQL datastore, then you need to use NCache. This is because NCache is the most powerful .NET NoSQL In-Memory Datastore available that provides you with the following benefits:

  1. 100% .NET / .NET Core Cache: NCache is the only truly native .NET NoSQL In-Memory Datastore available in the market. All others are developed in C++ on Linux and later ported to Windows with limited compatibility to .NET. NCache fits nicely into your .NET / .NET Core application stack and simplifies your cost of development and maintenance.
  2. Extremely Fast & Scalable: NCache is extremely fast for being an in-memory distributed cache. And, it also provides linear scalability due to which it never becomes a bottleneck for your .NET / .NET Core application performance even under peak loads.
  3. High Availability: NCache provides a self-healing peer to peer clustering architecture that has no single point of failure. Additionally, NCache intelligently replicates in-memory data so there is no data loss in case a cache server goes down and at the same time minimum cost of replication.

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