Leadership Team

Alachisoft management team puts their extensive experience (in design and delivery of enterprise-level software, process management, and sales and marketing) to work every day to guide and motivate an awesome team of professionals to deliver useful, enterprise-level software.

Iqbal Khan - President & Technology Evangelist

Iqbal Khan President and Technology Evangelist Iqbal Khan co-founded Alachisoft to provide world-class performance and scalability solutions. Thanks to our customers, Alachisoft achieved its goal with NCache, the .NET caching market leader since 2005. Then, under his leadership, the company introduced TayzGrid, an elastic in-memory data grid, and the first fully featured .NET NoSQL Database in the market, called NosDB.

Iqbal's Master's of Computer Science from Indiana University, 30+ years of experience in software architecture, design and development, and hands-on business experience make him a great resource internally and in the Developer Community. He is a frequent speaker at industry events including DevWeek London, TechDays France, VSLive! Shows etc. plus you can find him at local .NET Code Camps and Meetups. He has written for MSDN magazine, CodeProject and Visual Studio Magazine.

Iqbal is an avid sportsman and loves playing golf.

Larry Chandler - Senior Director Sales

Larry Chandler Working as the Senior Director Sales for Alachisoft, Larry Chandler possesses over 30 years of experience in the software development and sales industry. Larry has been affiliated with some of the leading multi-national enterprise software companies, involved in developing 'Go-To-Market' strategies that focus on revenue growth.

Larry's sterling Marketing and Business Development skills in the world of Global Software Sales are proven to generate tremendous growth results for the companies he has worked for. His valuable Sales Management experience in driving direct sales and establishing joint partnerships has let Alachisoft discover numerous new business opportunities.

Prior to joining Alachisoft, Larry has worked with organizations ranging from well-established enterprise level software development companies including Infor and Sybase to some of the most successful startups such as Peoplesoft and GlobeRanger.

Josh Hamid – Regional Director Sales

Josh Hamid Josh has over 25 years of industry experience with particular focus on cutting edge software technologies and related services. Josh has a Masters in Computer Science from Oklahoma City University.

While he worked as a programmer initially, the desire to solve real world problems with the latest tools that IT had to offer propelled him into marketing and sales roles. In 2005, Josh formed his own online marketing and content management firm that provided marketing communications services to businesses worldwide.

Josh joined Alachisoft in early 2008 and currently he is working in collaboration with the Technical and Marketing departments to improve the company’s visibility in various industry sectors as a Sales Director.

When he is not carving out new pathways into markets, he loves to eat out, watch movies and go camping.

Sam Awan – Management Consultant – Application Scalability

Sam Awan Sam has extensive experience in the field of Information technology and business management and has been helping organizations solve application scalability and performance issues to improve business ROI. He is an exceptional communicator with a deep understanding of application architecture and helps customers understand the business value surrounding a technology solution. He is a team quarterback as well as an individual contributor in driving business results.

Sam attended school to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Weber State University, Ogden, Utah.

He is widely regarded as a superb professional and keeps himself busy with his family, vigorous workouts and lots of vacation travel.

Nick "Z" - Director Client Services

Nick Z Nick Zulfiqar brings a solid understanding of information technology, software applications, technical support, and technical solutions. Nick has built a wealth of knowledge about customer configurations, environments, and use cases. He works closely with the Sales Team to resolve customers' technical issues and to educate all and sundry on the benefits and details of our products.

Nick completed his B.S. in Information Technology from Queens College in New York. He worked in a number of technical support and client solutions positions prior to joining Alachisoft.

When not in the urban NYC jungle, Nick thoroughly enjoys Jeep rallies, deep-sea fishing, skiing, hunting and all manner of outdoor sportsmanship with family and friends. Call him… he's there.

Faisal Iqbal - Director Engineering

Faisal IqbalFaisal Iqbal has been affiliated with Alachisoft for over 16 years, involved in developing and managing the development efforts for NCache. His valuable experience of Project Management empowers him to oversee Development and QA teams to ensure high quality and consistency in our products.

Faisal received his M.Sc degree in Computer Science from Muhammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU), Pakistan. He likes to utilize his technical expertise and vast experience to ensure a smooth software production cycle.

Taimoor Haider - Chief Architect

Taimoor Haider Taimoor has over a dozen years of advanced software design and development experience in various technologies. He has remarkable expertise in data architecture, software design, and development of highly scalable distributed software systems.

As Chief Architect, Taimoor is responsible for deciding the company's technology strategy and product architecture. He works closely with the product management and engineering teams to ensure the stability, scalability, and performance of all Alachisoft products.

Taimoor holds a B.S. in Computer Science from IIU, a leading University in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Ron Hussain - Solutions Architect

Ron Hussain Ron has almost 10 years of industry experience delivering technical demos, webinars and solutions designs to technical audiences for both Java and Microsoft technologies.

He has seemingly inexhaustible energy for solving customer problems and oversees customer interactions for technical solutions designs at Alachisoft. He advocates for new features and requirements based on his ongoing interaction with customers.

Ron holds a B.E in Computer Engineering from National University of Sciences and Technology, a leading University in Islamabad, Pakistan.

When not solving customers' deep technical issues, Ron hangs with his family and eats large meals at fancy restaurants.

Brad Rehman - Solutions Architect

Brad Rehman Brad has more than 3 years of energy industry experience delivering time-critical operations and quality assurance activities in conjunction with customer representatives.

Brad holds a BSc. in Computer Engineering from King Fahd University, a leading technical institute of Saudi Arabia and has a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University, College Station, USA. Besides this, Brad is also proficient in a number of technologies including .NET, Java, C++, Python and JavaScript and has leveraged this knowledge in applying software design to simulate Engineering solutions during his academic activities.

When not in the office, Brad likes to go running, hiking and spending time with family and friends.

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