Professional Services
Working with the NCache Services Team

Accelerate success in your NCache journey with the help of our Professional Services experts. Our team of experts is ready to work with you to help integrate NCache into your mission-critical applications and also maximize its use and benefit. We provide the following services to you.

Education Services

These are fixed training packages for you.

  • Admin Training: ideal for Dev Ops and IT/Application Management folks to learn how to configure, deploy, and monitor NCache.
  • Developer Training: ideal for developers and architects to learn all the important NCache features and how to use them.

Operations Services

These are fixed service packages for you.

  • NCache Deployment (Non-Prod, Prod) (VM, Kubernetes/Docker, Windows, Linux): our experts help design, develop, and optimize your NCache deployment strategy and automation scripts.
  • Monitoring NCache: our experts help design, develop, and optimize NCache monitoring dashboards and integration with leading tools.

Application Integration Services

This is a customized service offering for you based on your requirements and a statement of work.

  • Design, Development, and Testing: our experts help you design, develop, and test your application’s integration with NCache. This frees you to focus on your business and lets us take care of integrating NCache into your application.

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