Industry and Technical Use Cases

Technical Use Cases

Explore Industry Use cases and Business use cases for NCache and how our product helps various industries below:

ASP.NET Sessions

Plug-in NCache as your ASP.NET Session State Provider. Using NCache you dont lose any ASP.NET Session State if a web server or cache goes down.

ASP.NET Core Sessions

NCache is a viable option for ASP.NET Core Sessions in a webfarm. NCache provides a powerful and feature-rich ASP.NET Core Session Service that you can use.

Pub/Sub Messaging

NCache comes out of box with features for asynchronous event driven communications like Pub/Sub Messaging, Continuous Queries, Item Level Events, and Cache Level Events.

Real-Time ASP.NET SignalR

NCache has implemented ASP.NET / ASP.NET Core SignalR Backplance for high traffic real-time web applications running in load-balanced multi-server web farms.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Ingest large amounts of data from IoT devices, process it in real-time. NCache is an extremely fast and scalable In-Memory Distributed Cache for .NET / .NET Core.

In Memory Processing

Do runtime data analytics of in-memory stored data and continuous query. NCache is capable of monitoring and sharing data related to an observable data set.

NoSQL Database

NCache can be used as a powerful NoSQL datastore for .NET. NCache has flexible schema and persistence capabilities using read-thru/write-behind.

Stream Processing

Real-time stream processing applications in .NET / .NET Core need a .NET based platform that enables them to achieve these goals. Consider NCache for real-time stream processing.


Build a collection of services that can be developed separately with High speed data platform. Microservices makes app coordination and asynchronous syncing easier.

Industry Use Cases

Explore Industry Use cases and Business use cases for NCache and how our product helps various industries below:

Financial Services

Embrace next generation technologies to build and run scalable applications.

Retail & eCommerce

Load balance and handle millions of users, sessions and enhance customer experience.


Achieve scalability, agility, volume and cost to build/operate e-healthcare solutions.


Explore how modern Insurance companies are using NCache to manage rising costs.


Achieve breakthroughs using NCache to achieve speed in processing and analyzing large datasets.


Upgrade legacy mainframes and meet e-gov data requirements using NCache Open Source.


Handle influx of large data and sessions as soon new content items "go viral".


NCache is elastically scalable for Event driven Pub/Sub requirements of Logistics use case.


Modern applications commonly use NCache to delight customers experience.

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