NCache for The Telecommunications Industry

By Iqbal M. Khan
Telecommunications industry companies generate enormous amount of Big Data about subscribers. The industry has progressed from simple network centric organizations to complex data driven organizations.

Scaling .NET Core Apps to Extreme Performance

By Iqbal M. Khan
Many high transaction .NET Core and ASP.NET Core applications face performance bottlenecks under heavy transaction loads. Learn how to use NCache distributed caching in your .NET Core applications for removing performance and scalability bottlenecks and achieving extreme performance.

4 Ways to Improve ASP.NET Performance Under Peak Loads

By Iqbal M. Khan
Scalability is an essential characteristic for high traffic ASP.NET applications. Read this whitepaper to learn about scalability bottlenecks in ASP.NET applications and how to use an In-Memory Distributed Cache to effectively deal with them.

Scaling ASP.NET SignalR Applications for Peak Performance

By Ron Hussain
ASP.NET SignalR has become a very popular framework for developing real-time web applications in .NET because it simplifies real-time data processing in ASP.NET applications.

Migration from AppFabric to NCache

By Iqbal M. Khan
Support for Microsoft's AppFabric ends in April 2017. This white paper presents three possible ways to migrate .NET applications from AppFabric to NCache, and advantages of making this change.

Migration from SQL to NoSQL Databases

By Iqbal M. Khan
While migration can be a daunting task, if divided into steps, it can be approached in a very organized manner making your life easy. This whitepaper is here to help you organize your migration process in 6 easy logical steps.

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