Internet of Things (IoT) Backend in .NET

Today’s Internet of Things (IoT) back-end applications exchange constant streams of data with a variety of devices such as vehicles, home appliances, cameras, sensors, and more. This exchange is bidirectional with both incoming data and outgoing messages and commands. And, all of this must be done in real-time to achieve desired results.

High transaction IoT back-end applications in .NET / .NET Core must be able to ingest a lot of data from IoT devices, process it in real-time, and take appropriate decisions and actions. And, this is only possible if there are no bottlenecks in these data pipelines on the back-end. Regular databases cannot handle such transaction and size pressure. NCache is ideal for this situation. NCache is an extremely fast and scalable In-Memory Distributed Cache for .NET / .NET Core.

Using NCache to Process IoT Data in .NET

NCache provides the following sets of features that really help IoT backend applications developed in .NET / .NET Core.

  1. .NET Pub/Sub Messaging: Use NCache’s out of box messaging capabilities to asynchronously coordinate the ingestion and processing of huge amounts of incoming data from IoT devices by multiple applications or tiers.
  2. Distributed In-Memory Datastore: All data that’s coming from IoT devices needs to be stored very quickly and in a distributed manner so it can be processed in parallel wherever possible.
  3. SQL-Searching & Grouping: When so much data is being stored in NCache, then having the ability to quickly find relevant data thru SQL Searching or grouping make it very easy to process it.

Having the ability to distribute data and the workload of its processing allows IoT backend applications to scale and handle extreme transaction loads. Additionally Pub/Sub Messaging allows various backend applications and Microservices to easily coordinate this data processing.

Why Use NCache in IoT Backend Applications?

If your IoT Backend application is developed in .NET / .NET Core and has high traffic and running in a multi-server environment, then you need to use NCache. This is because NCache is the most powerful .NET Distributed Cache available that provides you the following benefits:

  1. 100% .NET / .NET Core Cache: NCache is the only truly native .NET Distributed Cache available in the market. All others are developed in C++ on Linux and later ported to Windows with limited compatibility to .NET. NCache fits nicely into your .NET / .NET Core application stack and simplifies your cost of development and maintenance.
  2. .NET Pub/Sub Messaging: NCache is a feature rich distributed cache and includes powerful Pub/Sub Messaging capabilities. IoT Backend applications use these messaging features in NCache to send messages to others applications or Microservices.
  3. Extremely Fast & Scalable: NCache is extremely fast for being an in-memory distributed cache. And, it also provides linear scalability due to which it never becomes a bottleneck for your ASP.NET / ASP.NET Core application performance even under peak loads.
  4. High Availability: NCache provides a self-healing peer to peer clustering architecture that has no single point of failure. Additionally, NCache intelligently replicates cached data so there is no data loss in case a cache server goes down and at the same time minimum cost of replication.

What to Do Next?

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