Demo (Java Edition)

Today, I will be talking about getting started with the Java Edition of NCache. Please note there's a separate video on getting started with the .NET Edition of NCache, if you're interested in that.

There are six steps to getting started with the NCache Java Edition.

  1. Software Setup: This is where you install NCache on your Dev workstations, NCache Servers, and NCache Clients. I'm going to be using Docker for most of that today in this video.
  2. Create NCache Cluster: NCache creates a TCP based cluster of NCache Servers.
  3. Configure the NCache Clients: Configure the clients of NCache to talk to NCache. These clients are your application servers or your web server boxes.
  4. Test the NCache Cluster: To make sure everything is working.
  5. Setup your Dev Workstations: Setup your Dev Workstations with a standalone NCache. Again, I will be using Docker here. I'm going to be using a Linux Docker instance on Windows. You can do this on macOS or Linux as well.
  6. Use NCache in Your Application: Number six is to use NCache in your applications.

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