Case Study – NCache Maximizes Performance Speed for NaviNet

NaviNet, Inc., headquartered in Cambridge, MA, provides a massive web-based communications solution for the healthcare industry. With NCache, NaviNet achieves high scalability without compromising on performance speed.

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“NCache provides extraordinary scalability for our applications, while adding reliability through intelligent replication of our application and user session data."

Paul Vienneau
Paul Vienneau
Chief Technology Officer/Vice President of Engineering
NaviNet, Inc.

Challenges Faced at NaviNet, Inc.

The rapid growth the company experienced in recent years called for an online solution that could scale in the long run. Using ASP.NET as the programming framework, NaviNet required a highly reliable, scalable and high performance solution to meet the needs of the exceedingly high number of concurrent users.

NCache as a Multi-dimensional Solution

With NCache, NavinNet acquired the ability to scale applications without compromising on the performance speed. Plus, storing session data in NCache provided a highly reliable in-memory data storage, due to its intelligent replication. Data is replicated to other servers in the cache cluster, which helps in session and application data retrieval even if one server inside the web farm goes down.

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