JavaOne 2013 - San Francisco, California USA

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Alachisoft proudly presented its latest product, JvCache, at JavaOne 2013 in San Francisco, CA USA. JavaOne is Oracle's platform for Java developers to share and learn about the latest natively developed Java products. It was a five-day event held September 22-26, 2013.

Iqbal Khan, technology evangelist, led Alachisoft's team at the event and presented JvCache to participants and discussed various features with attendees. JvCache is a native Java in-memory data grid by Alachisoft. It offers dynamic cache clustering, run-time data sharing, and JSP servlet session persistence, thus facilitating an extreme scalability and performance boost for Java applications.

There was a prize giveaway opportunity for visitors coming to the Alachisoft booth. The lucky draw took place and "AR.Drone 2.0" was awarded to the winner, Mr. Laurent Baduel from Total.

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