Philly .NET Code Camp

  • Microsoft MTC, Malvern, PA
  • Saturday, April 13, 2019

NCache (A product by Alachisoft) is pleased to be Platinum Sponsor of Philly Code Camp this year. Philly Code Camp founded in 2000 and run by a dedicated staff including several Microsoft MVPs. Philadelphia Area .NET User Group leadership team had been organizing this code camp since the past 11 years. You can see all the sponsors list here this year and all sessions here.

Philly Code Camp, was a two-day event held on April 12 and April 13, 2019, at Microsoft MTC, Malvern, PA. During code camp, NCache team built valuable relationships with peers and developers. Knowledge-rich sessions ranged from ASP.NET Core, Blazor, Hands-On Labs, Containers, End-to-End Big Data, Azure Service Fabric and AutoML and distributed caching.

Among speakers was Iqbal Khan, our Technology Evangelist – NCache team under his leadership showcased leading .NET offering – NCache at the code camp. Iqbal’s session had a houseful during code-camp on the topic: “Optimize ASP.NET Core Performance with Distributed Cache”. Iqbal gave a session with interactive Q&A and examples around best practices for developing high traffic web applications and optimizing ASP.NET core performance for handling extreme transaction loads using open-source distributed cache.

Watch Session Recording Here:

Optimize ASP.NET Core Performance with Distributed Cache

NCache is a 100% Native .NET Open Source Distributed Cache (released under the Apache License, Version 2.0). NCache provides an extremely fast and linearly scalable distributed cache that caches application data and reduces expensive database trips. Use NCache to remove performance bottlenecks related to your data storage and databases and scale your .NET applications for extreme transaction processing (XTP). Indeed, Philly Code Camp 2019 was one of the biggest to date with 700+ participants. We thank organizers and dedicated volunteers, who contributed to making this event happen. We connected with some great people during the prize raffles and we hope to make more contributions to make this event possible next year.

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