Skills Matter 2017

  • CodeNode, London
  • Thursday, May 18, 2017

We are thankful to London’s .NET user group organizer for accommodating us on short notice. It was a great honor to be a partner and sponsor at Skills Matter 2017 by London’s .NET User group. Held at Code Node, which is UK’s largest venue dedicated to technology events, the event hosted a local community of .NET developers coming to learn about new technologies and trends in the .NET ecosystem.

The NCache team attended the Skills Matter 2017 conference and connected with hundreds of .NET developers. The key agenda of the conference revolved around ASP.NET Core and .NET Core frameworks. Although ASP.NET is a popular technology for developing web applications, many users are moving their web apps to ASP.NET Core.

Our Technology Evangelist, Iqbal Khan, delivered an interactive talk on "how to scale ASP.NET Core applications using distributed caching". You can watch our whole webcast of Iqbal’s session here:

How to Scale ASP.NET Core Apps with Distributed Caching

The core matter of the talk was that if you try to handle larger transaction loads in ASP.NET Core applications, with large numbers of users, you will face scalability bottlenecks. Unless you design your ASP.NET Core applications correctly and take advantage of distributed caching, you will be unable to avoid these bottlenecks.

Iqbal’s talk revolved around key topics of scalability bottlenecks in ASP.NET Core applications and how distributed caching can solve its scalability issues in addition to demonstrating key features of distributed caching and how to incorporate them into your applications.

It was a great experience to share our knowledge with passionate developers interested to learn software craftsmanship. Distributed caching is an excellent technique to use in your scalable .NET applications. We enjoyed the meetups and conference experiences.

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