Wells Fargo SF Bay Area Technology

  • San Francisco, CA (online)
  • Thursday, March 11, 2021

Today’s server applications need to process a lot of transactions very fast. Many of these are web applications serving millions of users every day. Others are Microservices serving millions of mobile apps or Internet of Things (IoT) smart devices.

Most of these applications are now being deployed in containers like Kubernetes in order to simplify and automate deployment, scaling, and management. And, the choice deployment environments have shifted away from on-premises to leading clouds like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more.

Learn how to develop such applications that meet today’s extreme performance requirements by removing performance bottlenecks related to data storage and databases and also communication among different parts of the Microservices applications.

Technology Evangelist – Iqbal Khan has delivered a session on the topic:

Scaling .NET Core Apps and Microservices to Extreme Performance

Thank you very much Mike and thank you Jason for giving me the opportunity to talk to such an important group at Wells Fargo, the San Francisco Bay Area Technology Group. As Mike mentioned, I work at Alachisoft and the word Alachi, I was explaining to Mike and Jason is sort of a derived from the Hindi word Ellachi which is or Elaichi, which is a spice name cardamom. So, we were just naming the company many years ago, and we wanted to come up with something unique so, we came up with Alachisoft.

Our product is actually NCache. So, I’m not going to be talking about NCache. Today's talk is about ‘How you can Scale your Web Applications and Microservices to Extreme Performance?’ If you are developing these applications in Java, .NET, .NET Core or Node.js, then you've come to the right talk.

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