Basic Tenets for Turbo-Charging CRM

By Iqbal Khan

CRM systems are bulging at the seams with increasing numbers of new Web technologies and hundreds of thousands of new users. This combination can place a stranglehold on CRM to the point major data bottlenecks are created during peak loads. Against this backdrop, three basic tenets are critical to developing a successful CRM system -- whether in-house, as a commercial product, or for use as software-as-a-service (SaaS). Those three tenets are:

  • high availability;
  • quick response time; and
  • scalability.

You want to make sure the system is always up and fully operational so that when sales, support, and marketing personnel need it, the CRM application is available. Otherwise, entire teams lose their effectiveness.

Next, you want to conduct business expeditiously. This means making the user experience pleasant by creating an easy, prompt, and fast transactional environment.

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