Use Distributed Cache in Microsoft Azure

By Iqbal Khan, Jeremiah Talkar

Microsoft Azure is rapidly becoming the cloud choice for .NET applications. Besides its rich set of cloud features, Azure provides full integration with the Microsoft .NET Framework. It’s also a good choice for Java, PHP, Ruby and Python apps. Many of the applications moving to Azure are high-traffic, so you can expect full support for high scalability. In-memory distributed cache can be an important component of a scalable environment.

This article will cover distributed caching in general and what it can provide.

The features described here relate to general-purpose in-memory distributed cache, and not specifically Azure Cache or NCache for Azure. For .NET applications deployed in Azure, in-memory distributed cache has three primary benefits:

  • Application performance and scalability
  • Caching ASP.NET session state, view state and page output
  • Sharing runtime data with events
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