Clouds Done Right - Distributed Caching Removes Bottlenecks

By Iqbal Khan

Cloud platforms might offer cost savings and other benefits, but they can also have costly bottleneck issues.

The promises of cloud computing are alluring: get rid of your data center, shrink the administration load, reduce backup expenses and put all the work on a service provider. Then reality sets in: Can the cloud handle high transaction volume and high-traffic applications?

Just look at many of your internal applications. They may start off small, but soon you're increasing traffic to your applications and scaling out the corresponding infrastructure regularly. And with all that comes performance and scalability bottlenecks.

Moving applications to the cloud doesn't magically make these bottlenecks go away. Nor does the cloud change the fundamental way most applications operate. Your application in the cloud will still use a traditional relational database for its application data. Therefore, you still have data storage scalability issues. And because it's seemingly so easy to increase the load on your application, these issues can get worse in the cloud.

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