Release Notes NCache 4.6 (Service Pack 2)

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


NCache 4.6 SP2 contains a few client cache optimizations, enhancements in Bridge topology and feature related to monitoring of cache. There are also various bug fixes reported by customers. This is a recommended upgrade for all NCache users.

Enhancements and New Additions

Following are some enhancements made in this release:

  1. Monitoring Cache Clients from API:
  2. A new API is introduced to monitor cache client connected with a cluster. Using this API, a list of connected clients can be fetch as well as notifications can be registered in case of any new client connects or an existing one disconnects.

  3. Optimized Client Cache:
  4. Client Cache has now optimized way of synchronizing itself with the clustered cache. Instead of receiving events on each update made to clustered cache, client cache can now receive events in bulk at a configurable interval. This reduces the traffic as well as memory usage.

  5. Same Name Caches across Bridge:
  6. NCache Bridge can now have caches with identical names.

  7. Distributed Cache Loader:
  8. Cache Loader in NCache can now run on multiple nodes which can help in faster cache loading.

  9. FIPS-Compliant AES encryption:
  10. FIPS-Compliant AES encryption is introduced in SP2.

  11. ASP.NET Core Session Provider:
  12. NCache ASP.NET session storage provider for ASP.NET Core applications is now supported.

  13. Changes in Licensing:
  14. NCache is now licensed based on the number of cores a machine has. For every 4 cores, 1 license is used. Minimum of 2 licenses are used to activate a machine even if the number of cores are less than 8. For 16 cores, 4 licenses are used, for 20 cores 5 are used and for 32 cores, 8 licenses are used. Developer licensed machines can now connect to a remote cache but with limitations on number of requests per second and total number of requests a client can make to a remote cache.

List of Bugs Fixed:

  • 744134 FIX: Client Cache with Security throws error when credentials are passed through Init Params.
  • 744136 FIX: OperationFailedException while creating CacheSyncDependency when Clientcache and security is enabled on cache.
  • 744137 FIX: Clientcache throws no permission exception if security is enabled on cache.
  • 744139 FIX: A few commands are not automatically retried on failure.
  • 744140 FIX: Bridge Exception "object is not HP time".
  • 744141 FIX: Object reference exception on Bridge’s IConflict resolver.
  • 744142 FIX: "Key already exists" exception is thrown when caching a Parsed Query.
  • 744144 FIX: Client side counters for Client Cache are not working.
  • 744145 FIX: Exception “Collection was modified” occurs on GetByTag calls during state transfer.
  • 744146 FIX: Bulk Calls return data from just one node in case of node down.
  • 744148 FIX: Failed to replicate queue if a new node (passive) added in bridge at run time.

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