Release Notes NCache 4.9 SP1

Tuesday, August 07, 2018


In NCache 4.9 SP1, community edition has been discontinued and Professional edition has been brought back. There are some important bug fixes and a few new enhancements made in this release. Enhancements and New Additions.

Enhancements and New Additions

Following are some enhancements made in this release:

  1. .NET Core based NCache server on Linux:
  2. NCache Server (.NET Core based) can now be hosted on Linux boxes. Separate installers for Linux (.tar.gz) are made available for download.

  3. 60-Day Trial is back:
  4. The 60-Day fully working trial is back. There are no performance limitations during evaluation period now.

  5. Professional Edition:
  6. Professional edition has the same features as they are in Open Source edition plus some extra management PowerShell commands. Both client and server installations have a free 60-Day Trial.

  7. Docker Images for Linux and Windows Nano Server:
  8. Docker images for Linux and Windows Nano server are made available on Docker Hub. Docker files are also available on GitHub.

  9. Bridge queue counter:
  10. A perfmon counter is introduced to monitor number of items in bridge.

  11. Wildcard search in Tags API:
  12. Support for wildcard search in GetKeysByTag and GetByTag APIs is provided.

  13. Enable client side logs from API:
  14. Support is provided to enable client side logging from API through CacheInitParams interface.

  15. Subscription based licensing:
  16. Subscription based licensing has been introduced to support both cloud and on-premise deployments.

List of Bugs Fixed:

  • 744169 FIX: Timeout on ‘IN’ predicate queries on large number of parameters.
  • 744170 FIX: Requests timeout to clients continue to run on servers, hence, causing high CPU and memory issues.
  • 744171 FIX: Thread count keeps increasing in inproc client cache.
  • 744172 FIX: In case of client cache, items are fetched from cache without being decrypted.
  • 744173 FIX: Memcache gateway service is missing.
  • 744174 FIX: API logging is missing for a few locking related methods.
  • 744175 FIX: LINQPad integration is compiled with 4.8 assemblies.

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