Release Notes NCache 5.0 SP2

Monday, December 09, 2019


In NCache 5.0 SP2, there are some important bug fixes and a few new enhancements made.

Enhancements and New Additions

Following are some enhancements made in this release:

  1. Support for more than 2 cache clusters in Bridge

    Previously, Bridge could not have more than 2 caches. In this release, NCache now supports to have more than 2 caches in a Bridge. At least one cache must be active.

  2. Manual state transfer between Caches in a Bridge

    Even though active caches replicate their data automatically to other caches in a Bridge, the state transfer between the caches is no more active. When a cache goes down or a new cluster is added, a manual interaction to synchronize caches is required.

  3. LDAP Security

    LDAP security support is added for both Windows and Linux. Previously, there was no support for LDAP on Linux, while Windows had Active Directory based support.

  4. Pub/Sub Enhancements

    Following enhancements have been made in Pub/Sub (TOPIC):

    • Asynchronous message publishing
    • Asynchronous TOPIC creation
    • Bulk message publishing

  5. Custom Dependency Enhancements

    Following enhancements have been made to Custom Dependency feature.

    • Bulk evaluation of custom dependencies
    • Multi-threaded evaluation of custom dependencies
    • Extensible notifiable dependencies

  6. Configurable Pipelining

    NCache now uses System.IO.Pipelines for high performance IO operations between clients and servers. Due to this approach, NCache is able to perform 2 Million operations per second on a 5 node cluster.

    Pipelining is enabled by default on all caches. However, this can be disabled at the time of cache creation or through modifying cache configuration at any time.

  7. Pluggable Modules

    Architectural changes are made to NCache to add support for dynamically registering modules that can use NCache’s distributed architecture without making any changes in NCache source code.

    Lucene.NET support is also added through NCache Modules.

  8. More Powershell Cmdlets

    Following Powershell Cmdlets are added:

    • New-Bridge
    • Remove-Bridge
    • Add-BridgeNode
    • Remove-BridgeNode
    • Add-BridgeCache
    • Remove-BridgeCache
    • Set-BridgeCacheMode
    • Start-BridgeStateTransfer

For details, please see NCache Edition Comparison

List of Bugs Fixed:

  • 744186 FIX: NCache Web Manager has broken input controls on FireFox.
  • 744187 FIX: NCache Web Manager’s statistics window consume high memory if left opened.
  • 744188 FIX: There is no option to configure eviction settings for client caches.
  • 744189 FIX: Items from client cache are removed if there is a network glitch between cluster and client cache.
  • 744190 FIX: Evaluation extension tool is not available in Linux installation of NCache Professional edition.

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