Tech Talk DevWeek 2015 - Scaling .NET Apps in Azure

Presenter: Iqbal M. Khan (Technology Evangelist, Alachisoft )

Scaling .NET Apps in Azure - Tech Talk DevWeek 2015

Learn what are the scalability bottlenecks for your .NET apps in Microsoft Azure and how can you improve their scalability with distributed caching. This tech talk covers:

  • What is scalability?
  • How linear scalability differs from non-linear scalability
  • Which applications require scalability?
  • Quick overview of scalability bottlenecks in .NET applications
  • What is distributed caching and why is it the answer in Azure?
  • Where in your application can you use distributed caching?
  • What are some important features in a distributed cache?
  • Distributed cache architecture
  • Distributed Cache Options in Azure
    • Azure Redis Cache
    • Azure Cache Service
    • Azure In-Role Cache
    • Memcached Wrapper
    • NCache Open Source
    • NCache
    • Managed Memcached
  • Azure Deployment Strategies
  • Some hands on examples of using a distributed cache in Azure
  • 3 common distributed cache use cases
    • Application Data Caching
    • ASP.NET Specific Data Caching
    • Runtime Data Sharing thru Events

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