Caching Best Practices for ASP.NET Core Microservices with NCache

C# Sharp Corner

By Sriram Mannava


These days development teams are looking to redesign and re-architect their monolith applications into microservices for the variety of benefits it offers. Cloud-native architectures recommend microservice architecture and offer a variety of serverless solutions that make developing and maintaining microservices real quick.

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What is Microservice Architecture?

In this architecture, we design applications as a collection of small, loosely coupled, and independent services. Each service in the stack is responsible for a single feature and encapsulates functionality for the same. This allows each service to be built, run, and scaled independently based on the requirement and load.

Microservice architecture creates opportunities for modular and individual development cycles without having to depend on other services in the application. We can build, deploy and maintain every microservice as required, as if each microservice is an application on its own.

It offers improved scalability, resilience, and the ability to adopt different technologies for each service.

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