Get Started With NCache Backplane For .NET Core SignalR

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By Gowtham K

What is ASP.NET Core SignalR?

ASP.NET Core SignalR is an open-source Microsoft API that is used to push the content from server-side to clients instantly. It manages the connection automatically and seamlessly. It is used to add any kind of real-time web functionality to your ASP.NET Core application. ASP.NET Core SignalR uses remote procedure calls, shortened to RPC, to call the client from the server. It takes advantage of WebSocket, which is a communication protocol that is used to enable two-way persistent communication channels over TCP connections.

ASP.NET Core SignalR provides the same core concepts and functionalities as SignalR. Hubs are the core connection point between the server and the clients. Clients can trigger the methods on the hub, and the hub can trigger the methods for the clients. The hub will have the complete control over the connections between server and client.

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Use cases for SignalR:

  • Chat room applications
  • Real-time monitoring applications
  • Job progress updates
  • Real-time forms
  • IoT Device control and so on
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