Implementing Real-Time Cache Sync with NCache and SignalR

C# Sharp Corner

By Gowtham K


This article will give you a complete insight into SignalR and how to implement the Real-time cache sync with NCache.

Table of Content

  1. What is SignalR?
  2. How does SignalR work?
  3. Scaling Out SignalR
  4. What is SignalR Backplane?
  5. What is NCache?
  6. What is ASP.NET Core SignalR?
  7. Implementing Real-Time Cache Sync NCache as a Backplane and ASP.Net Core SignalR Application.
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What is SignalR?

One client can communicate with other clients dynamically is possible with SignalR. When we are talking about web applications, one browser instance can somehow communicate with the other browser instances dynamically, which is made possible with SignalR. These kinds of applications are called real-time applications. It enabled the browser to update the data dynamically to reflect the latest data change as they happen in real-time.

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