NCache and Caching Patterns: Full Cache, Cache Aside, and Read-Through Caching

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By Gowtham K


Caching is a technique to store the data in the memory of the server. It will improve the performance of the application by reducing the database trips. Indirectly it will boost the database performance by delivering high throughput and lower latency than most databases can offer. In this blog, we will go through the caching techniques/patterns like full Cache, cache-aside, and read-through with NCache as a cache service provider.

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What is NCache?

NCache is an in-memory distributed cache for .NET, Java, and Node.js, and it is also open-source. NCache is super-fast and scalable and caches application data to reduce database trips. NCache is used to overcome the performance issues related to data storage, databases, and scaling the .NET, Java, and Node.js applications.

Get started with NCache here. Please go through the installation process of NCache.

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