NCache Security - A Comprehensive Approach to Protecting Your Cached Data

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By Gowtham K


In the world of distributed caching, securing your cache nodes is paramount to protect your data and infrastructure from potential threats. NCache, a powerful distributed caching solution, provides robust security features for managing cache nodes effectively. This article will walk you through the process of configuring different levels of security in NCache to ensure the safety and integrity of your cached data.

Note: All these features are available only with NCache Enterprise Edition.

Install and Set Up NCache

Before you can configure node security, ensure that you have NCache installed and set up on your servers. You can download and install NCache from the official NCache website ( if you haven't already.

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Configuring SSL/TLS Encryption in Windows

What is SSL/TLS Encryption?

SSL/TLS encryption plays a crucial role in ensuring robust security for applications or websites that handle sensitive operations, such as online financial transactions, login password entry and so on. In these scenarios, SSL/TLS facilitates secure communication exclusively between the involved parties by safeguarding the confidentiality and integrity of shared information.

For communication between the server and the client through SSL/TLS handshake, a certificate is essential. This certificate, acting as an entity, contains the necessary information to encrypt data exchanged between both parties. It incorporates a shared public key that, upon successful matching during the connection establishment, enables secure communication between the server and the client. The below image will give you a complete idea about the data communication between client and server with SSL/TLS encryption.

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