Scaling .NET Microservices Communications With NCache Pub/Sub

By Joydip Kanjilal

NCache is a 100% native .NET / .NET Core open source distributed caching solution from Alachisoft that can help boost your application performance and scalability by leaps and bounds. It is a fast in-memory distributed cache that is capable of scaling linearly and provides strong cache synchronization features. You can add more servers as needed to be able to scale linearly. This article presents a discussion on how we can take advantage of NCache PubSub for scaling microservices.

This article discusses the following points,

  • What is Scalability?
  • What is a publisher – subscriber model?
  • What is Scalability?
  • What are Microservices?
  • What is a Pub/Sub Model?
  • NCache as In-Memory Pub/Sub for Microservices
  • Programming: Publishing and Subscribing Messages To/From a Topic
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