SignalR In .NET 6 Using NCache As Backplane

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By Thiago Vivas


This article will explain SignalR and how to use it with NCache as a backplane in .NET 6. It will be given a practical example of a Web Application using SignalR with NCache as a backplane in .NET 6. The practical example will explain how to set up the project and how to describe its main methods usage. In the end, we will have the Web Application working, with clients sending messages from one to another through NCache Backplane.

SignalR is a very powerful library, but that does not mean it is complex to set up and use. You only need a few lines of code in order to start using SignalR in your Web App and provide real-time communication to your App clients

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What is SignalR?

SignalR is an open-source library used for real-time web apps. Its main feature is that the ability to push content from your server-side to your clients instantly. Clients can also push content to the server instantly.

Common usage for SignalR

  • Apps with high-frequency updates like games, social networks, maps, and GPS apps
  • Collaborative apps like whiteboard and team meeting apps
  • Apps with notifications like email, and chat
  • Basically any app that requires instant communication
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