Ways To Optimize Performance In ASP.NET Core Applications

C# Sharp Corner

By Gowtham K


Distributed cache plays a major role in optimizing the application's performance by caching the data in memory and reducing database trips. In simple words, caching refers to storing the result of an operation so that the future request returns faster.

When do we cache?

  1. When the computation is slow.
  2. Computation will run multiple times.
  3. When the output is the same for a particular input, we know we don't have to recompute it every time because it will be the same result.
  4. When your hosting provider charges for DB access. In this case, you can cache the response and reduce the unnecessary server hits, by this way, you can save some money. For example, the Google APP engine gives you a fixed number of reads and writes to the data store on a particular day, and if you go over that, you have to pay for it, even if the website doesn't get a lot of traffic.
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