What is NCache Playground and How to Use It?

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By Sriram Mannava


As software developers, we may come across different requirements that require us to try and work with different technologies and frameworks. But this comes with its own learning curve - installing tech, learning the nuances, and then adapting to work with the new tech. Each technology/framework we may decide to work on generally has its own unique set of features or installation processes that might take some time to get comfortable with. Sometimes, we wish we could get a practical hands-on with the technology/tool before actually sitting down and working with it - kind of a test simulation, so that we can quickly get an experience of how it will be to work with it.

For example, say you are a .NET developer and looking to pick up Python as your technology for your next project - that means you need to go through all the things a beginner would do - installing Python, learning the scripts, and then actually start working on it. This is where coding playgrounds shine - a coding playground helps you get acquainted with the technology and its experience without having to go through all the setup and configuration prerequisites.

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What is this NCache Playground?

NCache Playground is an interesting simulation environment where you can get a first-hand experience of how the cache works and how you can integrate it with your application without having to install a copy in your system. It is an online tool where you can access a simple 2-node cache cluster and play around with the features. It also contains code samples for 8 of its popular features in .NET and Java, which you can execute and even experiment with.

In this article, let us briefly look into what we have in store with the NCache Playground and the features we can try out.

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