Working With ASP.NET 6 IDistributedCache Provider For NCache

Gowtham K

By Nandkishor

Key Takeaways

  • NCache is an open-source distributed in-memory cache developed natively in .NET and .NET Core that helps such applications to process fast and scale out with ease.
  • Caching is a proven technique used to hold and readily use frequently accessed data.
  • This article presents a discussion and implementation of how we can work with NCache IDistributedCache provider using .NET 6.


In this post, we'll look at how to implement distributed caching in ASP.NET Core using NCache as the cache provider. A cache is a type of high-speed memory that applications use to store frequently accessed data. It reduces the unnecessary database hits since the data being requested is readily available in the cache. Caching is a well-known approach for boosting application performance.

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What is Distributed Caching

A distributed cache is a cache that is shared by several app servers and is frequently managed as a separate service from the app servers that use it. A distributed cache can go beyond the memory restrictions of a single computer by connecting multiple computers, which is known as a distributed architecture or a distributed cluster, for increased capacity and processing power.

An ASP.NET Core project's efficiency and scalability can be improved by using a distributed cache, especially if the application is hosted by a cloud service or a server farm. In high-data-volume and high-load applications, distributed caches are extremely useful. The distributed design allows for gradual expansion and scalability by adding more computers to the cluster, allowing the cache to expand in sync with the data growth.

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