Caching with NCache in ASP.NET Core

By Nandkishor

In this article, we will talk about Distributed Caching, NCache, and its features such as Object Caching, Session Caching, and Response Caching along with practical implementation in ASP.NET Core.

What is distributed caching

A distributed cache is a cache that is shared by multiple app servers and is often managed as an external service to the app servers that access it.

While most caches are traditionally housed in a single physical server or hardware component, a distributed cache can expand beyond the memory limits of a single computer by connecting multiple computers—referred to as a distributed architecture or a distributed cluster—for increased capacity and processing power.

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A distributed cache can increase the efficiency and scalability of an ASP.NET Core project, particularly if the app is hosted by a cloud service or a server farm. Distributed caches are extremely useful in high-data-volume and high-load applications. Because of the distributed design, incremental expansion and scaling are possible by adding more computers to the cluster, allowing the cache to grow in tandem with the data growth.

When cached data is distributed, the data:

  • Is coherent (consistent) across requests to multiple servers.
  • Survives server restarts and app deployment.
  • Doesn't use local memory.
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