Getting Started with NCache Java Edition using Docker

By Gowtham K

NCache Java Edition with distributed cache technique is a powerful tool that helps Java applications run faster, handle more users, and be more reliable. In today's world, where people expect apps to work quickly and without any problems, knowing how to use NCache Java Edition is very important. It's a key piece of technology for both developers and businesses who want to make sure their apps can give users fast access to data and a smooth experience. This makes NCache Java Edition an important part of making great apps.

This article is made especially for beginners to make the ideas and steps of adding NCache to your Java applications clear and easy to understand. It doesn't matter if you've been developing for years or if you're new to caching, this article will help you get a good start with NCache Java Edition. Let’s start with a step-by-step process to set up a development workstation for NCache with the Java setup.

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NCache Server Installation: Java Edition

NCache has different deployment options. The classification is listed below:

  • On-premises
  • Cloud
  • Using Docker/Kubernetes

You can check all the deployment options and the package available for the deployment here.

NCache recommends at least SO-16 (16GB RAM, 8v CPU) to get optimum performance in a production environment, for a higher transaction load we should go with SO-32, SO-64, or SO-128.

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