Migrating a NorthWind Database to a NoSQL Database

By Basit Anwer

It's now a fact that databases need to have the ability to scale-out to handle data that's produced and accessed at great velocity and in huge volumes. Traditional databases (RDBMS) were never meant to handle such high a flow of information. To keep up, you either incorporate a distributed cache like NCache to overcome the database bottlenecks, or replace the RDBMS with a NoSQL database. NosDB is one such NoSQL database and is made from the ground up in .NET. It easily handles peak loads, and scales out at runtime — and therefore increases throughput on an ‘as-needed’ basis.

It's clear at this point that considering a NoSQL solution will free you of RDBMS bottlenecks. But what's less clear is how to properly migrate from a relational database to NoSQL. NoSQL is just so easy to use that developers often dive in head-on without properly understanding and constructing data models. With the infinite flexibility and features that a NoSQL database provides, it is very easy to mess up your data during migration, which causes a lot of problems later on.

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