How to use NCache in Microservices

By Sriram Mannava

In this detailed article, let's discuss about Microservice Architecture in general and how NCache can help optimize performance.


In today’s digital landscape, businesses must be able to access and process data quickly to stay ahead of the competition. As microservices architecture becomes increasingly popular, accessing data from multiple microservices can lead to latency and slow response times. Caching is a technique that can improve the performance by reducing time to access data.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of caching in microservices, the types of caching available, and how we can use NCache for high-speed data access.

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What is Microservice Architecture?

In Microservices architecture, large applications are broken down into smaller, independent components called microservices. Each microservice takes care of a specific functionality of the application and communicates with other microservices using APIs.

Benefits of Microservice Architecture

  • Loosely Coupled. Changes to one microservice will not impact other microservices.
  • Developers can work on individual microservices independently, which can lead to faster delivery cycles
  • It provides better application scalability and resilience.
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