Getting started with NCache In .NET Core – Guidelines

By Tazeen

Today in this article, we will see how to get started with NCache In ASP.NET Core with examples. Application and performance are critical, particularly the end-user experience, which may be achieved by focusing on application usage and its resource delivery approaches. One such strategy is to implement and optimize caching in the application stack. This end-user experience is not limited to UI. Every layer of application has equal requirements for better response time.

NCache is one of the Open Source in-memory, distributed caches for .Net Core. It’s extremely scalable, and it caches application data quickly. It can be effectively utilized to save money on database trips.

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ICache Vs IDistributable Cache

We can leverage any of the interfaces like ICache(NCache) or Microsoft-provided IDistributableCache to leverage the Cache details.

IDistributableCache provides very basic functionalities like the ability to get, update or delete the cache.

ICache interface is a rich interface that provides below a few additional features along with basic (get, update or delete) operation supports,

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