How to Secure Your Cached Data

Encryption is the most effective method to secure sensitive data. To secure your sensitive data from any unauthorized access, NCache allows you to enable encryption using any of the following encryption algorithms:

  1. 3DES-128
  2. 3DES-192
  3. AES-128
  4. AES-192
  5. AES-256
  6. AES-FIPS 128
  7. AES-FIPS 192
  8. AES-FIPS 256

Within NCache, both encryption and decryption occur on the client side of Client-Server architecture. This ensures that any data travelling over the network is secured and protected. If encryption is enabled then the data sent to and the data stored in the cache is encrypted.

Configuring Encryption with NCache

Follow the steps given below to enable Encryption in NCache:

Step 1:
Launch NCache Web Manager and select the cache cluster you need to enable encryption against. Click on See Details.
Step 2:
Under Advanced Settings section, click on Security and Encryption tab from the left bar.
Step 3:
Check the Enable Encryption checkbox in the Encryption panel. You can choose the algorithm that you want to use for data encryption and decryption from the Providers dropdown menu.
Step 4:
Add your encryption key in the Key field.
Step 5:
Press the Save Settings button to save these settings and enable encryption.

This will successfully enable encryption on the selected cache.

What to Do Next?

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