Using Memcached Wrapper through Memcached Plug-in

You can switch from Memcached to NCache without any code change in your application. This way you can benefit from the scalability option that NCache provides without making any changes to the application itself.

Simply replace your Memcached client library (.NET assemblies) with the equivalent library provided by Alachisoft.

Alachisoft has taken most of the popular Open Source Memcached client libraries for .NET and rewritten them internally so they talk to NCache instead of Memcached. The client API however, remains the same, so your application is unaware of this change. Here are the libraries which were rewritten by Alachisoft:

  1. Enyim
  2. BeIT Memcached
  3. .NET Memcached client library

These libraries are placed at:

%install folder% NCache\integration\Memcached Wrapper

You only have to replace the client libraries within your .NET application and the calls will be redirected to NCache instead of Memcached.

Using the Memcached Plug-in is recommended for .NET and Java applications over the Memcached Gateway, because the Plug-In offers faster performance than the Gateway. This is due to the fact that there is no extra hop in the Plug-In approach.

What to Do Next?

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