Redis vs NCache

Live Webinar

  • United States
  • 2pm-3pm (Eastern Time)
  • Wed, June 3, 2020

NCache is a native .NET Open Source distributed cache that is very popular among high transaction .NET, .NET Core and Java applications. Redis is developed by Redis Labs and is currently used by Microsoft in Azure. In this webinar, learn how NCache and Redis compare with each other. The goal of this webinar is to make your task of comparing the two products easier and faster specially in qualitative aspects such as features, performance, scalability, high availability, data reliability, and administration.

Here is what this webinar covers:

  • - Performance & Scalability
  • - Cache Elasticity (High Availability)
  • - Cache Topologies
  • - SQL & LINQ Searching the Cache
  • - Third Party Integrations (EF, EF Core, NHibernate etc)

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