NCache Use Case for the Telecommunications Industry

The Telecommunications (Telecom) industry is moving from being network centric to customer centric. This involves building services to drive net revenue growth. In-memory distributed caching can revolutionize the performance and scalability of Telecom systems to meet the ever-increasing demands of an always-available Telecom world. NCache, an in-memory distributed cache for .NET, can save hundreds of hours for developers, help you achieve linear scalability and achieve a better customer experience. By scaling out in-memory caching clusters to multiple servers, it also lowers your total cost of ownership (TCO).

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Learn more about various use cases where NCache can be beneficial for the Telecommuncations Industry. NCache is already in production with multi network operators (MNOs) and carriers resulting in tremendous cost savings, reduced downtime and more stable performance and scalability..

In this whitepaper you will learn how to use NCache's distributed caching in your .NET Core applications for removing performance and scalability bottlenecks. This whitepaper covers (including source code examples):

  • Which .NET Core applications face performance bottlenecks.
  • What are the different performance bottlenecks.
  • Introduction to distributed caching and why use it.
  • Various ways of using distributed caching in .NET Core apps.

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