Release Notes NCache 3.8 (Service Pack 1)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


NCache 3.8 Service Pack 1 (SP1) contains important fixes and enhancements. The most important and demanded feature added in this release is the support of .Net frame work 4.0 The API is completely compatible with the 3.8 release version and applications can upgrade without re-building/re-compiling the application.

Enhancements and New Additions

Following are some enhancements made in this release:

  1. .Net 4.0 support available.:
  2. The code base of NCache cache server has been converted to .NET 4.0 and the NCache client is available in both .NET 2.0 and 4.0 versions.

  3. Improvement in client cache management:
  4. There is an improvement in client cache management through NCache Manager where project files will contact to client nodes on refresh option and this has improved fast loading of NCache Manger project file.

    We have resolved this issue by copying all the assemblies in the NCache bin/assembly folder and now Visual Studio does not have to locate the dependent assemblies in GAC. This has resolved the issue.

  5. Samples are now builded with Visual studio 2008.:
  6. NCache samples are now builded with visual studio 2008.

  7. VeriSign issue:
  8. VeriSign issue, default in service configuration file should be generatePublisherEvidence enabled ="false"/>. The enhancement is made.

  9. ReadThru Interface improved:
  10. ReadThru provider interface signature has been modified to support maximum features of NCache. There is new structure introduced under the namespace “Alachisoft.NCache.Runtime.Caching” called ProviderCacheItem which is similarly to the CacheItem. You can now easily specify expirations, tags, eviction hints, dependencies etc.

    New interfaces

    <p>public void LoadFromSource(string key, out ProviderCacheItem cacheItem)</p>
    <p>public Dictionary LoadFromSource(string[] keys)</p>
  11. CacheLoader Supports IsResyncExpiredItem:
  12. Now, you can specify IsResyncExpiredItem property in Cache Loader so that the expired items can be reloaded automatically.

  13. NHibernate Integration:
  14. NCache is not supporting the latest version of NHibernate 2.1.2. We have also added region support in this release. NHibernate sample application is also modified with NHibernate regions support.

List of Bugs Fixed:

  • 738108 FIX: AutoStart fails to start the cache if the cache is under heavy load. Now the AutoStart starts the cache in Asynchronous mode.
  • 738107 FIX ViewState assemblies were built with wrong version in NCache Enterprise Developers installation.
  • 738106 FIX: CAB Integration does not work in NCache professional Developers installation because of aggregate dependency.
  • 738105 FIX: Create Cache tool bug fix.
  • 738104 FIX: NHibernate integration requires complete DateTime format for absolute expiration which is wrong in. Now, you can specify absolute expiration in terms of seconds.
  • 738105 FIX: There was a serialization bug in Session Store Provider which occurs in rare scenarios only.
  • 738103 FIX: SQL Dependency bug fix in NHibernate where client was unable to use queries with composite key.
  • 738102 FIX: Client cache does not work with NHibernate Integration.
  • 738101 FIX: GetByTag performance is slow for large number of items.
  • 736230 FIX: Object query returns empty result if the item was automatically reloaded (IsResyncExpiredItem is true) through the ReadThru provider.


  • NCache Enterprise Edition 3.8
  • NCache Professional Edition 3.8

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