Release Notes NCache 4.3 (Service Pack 1)

Wednesday, June 30, 2014


NCache 4.3 Service Pack1 (SPs) contains some important enhancements and major bug fixes related to the stability of the cache. It is a recommended upgrade for all NCache 4.3 users.

Enhancements and New Additions

Following are some enhancements made in this release:

  1. Client side logging is configurable through client.ncconf file:
  2. You can configure the client side logging by modifying the client.ncconf file (exists at %NCHOME%/config folder. By default client-side logging is disabled for all caches, but you can enable client side logging for a cache at any time by specifying the ‘true’ value for ‘enable-client-logs’ e.g.

    <cache id="mycache" ... enable-client-logs="false|true" log-level="error|info"/>

    Possible values for ‘enable-client-logs’ attribute are ‘false’ and ‘true’. Default value is ‘false’.

    Possible values for ‘log-level’ attribute are ‘error’ and ‘info’. Default value is ‘error’.

  3. Support for remote clients on a different network:
  4. Now NCache clients from a different or remote network can also access the cache which exists on a different network. To achieve this just add the following two tags in ‘Alachisoft.NCache.Service.exe.config’ files at the cache server nodes.

    <add key="NCacheServer.MgmtEndPoint" value="public-ip:public-port" />
    <add key="NCacheServer.ServerEndPoint" value="public-ip:public-port" />

    Where the public-ip is ip-address which is exposed outside the network and publicport is the port which is accessible outside of the network.

  5. Client caches are browsable in NCache Manager:
  6. Client caches were previously only visible in NCache Manager under their respective second level (2nd level) caches, but now you can view the existing client cache in NCache Manager under the ‘Local Caches’ tree node of the ‘Cache Explorer’.

  7. Email Alerts for out-proc local and client caches:
  8. Email alerts are supported for out-proc local caches and out-proc client caches. You can select the events on which NCache would send you email notification e.g. on Cache Start, on Cache Stop etc.

  9. Client caches can be configured from outside of cache cluster network:
  10. Client caches can be configured from outside the cache cluster network using command line tools e.g. CreateClientCache, AddClientNode etc.

  11. Support for Windows Server 2012:
  12. NCache is now fully compatible with Windows Server 2012.

  13. Java client for NCache:
  14. NCache provides Java client API to use the NCache as cache store from within the Java based applications. NCache Java client is fully compatible with .NET client API.

List of Bugs Fixed:

  • 743101 FIX: NCache service crashed while using DELETE query with client cache.
  • 743102 FIX: GetCacheItem() API cause the problem when used with ItemVersion.
  • 743103 FIX: NCache Manager is not able to apply configurations when ‘CacheLaoder’ is enabled but not configured.
  • 743104 FIX: Cache returns the item for invalid sub-group.
  • 743105 FIX: Null reference exception on calling Remove/Delete (key, version) for nonexisting key.
  • 743106 FIX: State transfer is not working if read-through is configured and writethrough provider is not configured or vice versa.
  • 743107 FIX: ‘Request Queue Size’ client counter never return to zero.

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