Java Caching Strategies With NCache

By Abhinav Pandey

Caching is a technique to store frequently accessed data in a temporary storage area. This helps to reduce the load on the primary data source and improves the performance of the application. There are various caching strategies available, and choosing the right one is crucial.

In this article, we'll explore the open-source library, NCache, and see how it can help implement different caching strategies in Java applications.

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Introduction to NCache

NCache is an open-source distributed caching solution that helps improve the performance and scalability of applications. It provides features like data caching, session caching, and object caching to store data in memory and reduce the load on the primary data source.

NCache supports various technologies like Java, .NET, and Node.js, making it a versatile choice for caching in different types of applications.

Installing NCache

Before installing NCache, it's important to understand the system prerequisites.

Let's go over a few ways to install NCache on a machine running Java:

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