Webinar: Scaleout SignalR Apps with NCache Backplane

Presenters: Ron Hussain and Adam J. Keller

ASP.NET SignalR enables real-time push notifications over the web (such as for chat systems, stock tickers and sensor monitoring). These “sender initiated” communications require a message bus to scaleout to multiple web servers – and for SignalR the bus is called a SignalR backplane.

In this webinar you will see how NCache’s SignalR backplane is deployed to scaleout your real-time ASP.NET SignalR web push communications.

Our Senior Solutions Architect will cover:

  • Introduction to SignalR
  • Limitations of scaling out SignalR applications
  • Deploy NCache backplane as a solution
  • Nuget packages for NCache backplane
  • Create, deploy and run SignalR apps using NCache backplane

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