Scaling ASP.NET SignalR Applications for Peak Performance

ASP.NET SignalR has become a very popular framework for developing real-time web applications in .NET because it simplifies real-time data processing in ASP.NET applications. SignalR allows your ASP.NET applications to push content from server to client instantaneously, instead of requiring the client to ask for it.

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For load-balanced multi-server environments, ASP.NET SignalR requires you to use a Backplane so any content being pushed from one server to its clients can also be propagated to all the other servers in the web farm so they can also push it to their clients. Without a Backplane, ASP.NET SignalR would not work in a web farm.

However, ASP.NET SignalR Backplane must be very fast and scalable to handle such heavy transaction loads of today’s applications. This is where NCache really shines.

Learn how you can use NCache as an extremely fast and scalable ASP.NET SignalR Backplane. This way, your real-time ASP.NET application never slows down even during peak loads.

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