Cloud Deployment Options for NCache

NCache is an extremely fast and scalable In-Memory Distributed Cache for .NET / .NET Core. It lets you remove bottlenecks related to database and data storage and linearly scale your applications.

In addition to download for use on-premises, NCache is available in the leading clouds marketplaces like Azure and AWS. For all other cloud platforms, you can simply download and install NCache on a virtual machine in a Bring Your Own License (BYOL) model. NCache works perfectly fine in the cloud. Below are all the different ways you can use NCache in the cloud.

Azure & AWS Marketplace (NCache VMs)

In both Azure and AWS virtual private clouds (VPC), NCache Enterprise is available as a Virtual Machine (VM) that you can use in a BYOL licensing model. These VMs are preconfigured with NCache and make your process of setting up NCache totally seamless.

Below are the links to it:

BYOL means that you pay Azure and AWS for the underlying VM and pay Alachisoft for NCache software licenses. NCache offers annual subscriptions for its software in both Azure and AWS.

Azure & AWS Evaluation & Trial License Periods

In both Azure and AWS, NCache Enterprise allows you to use the fully working software free of cost for a limited period of time for evaluation purpose. Your options are:

  • - Free Evaluation Period (10 days): when you obtain an NCache VM from Azure or AWS marketplace, it works automatically for 10 days without any license activation. After this period, you must active it with either trial license or a purchase license.
  • - Trial License Period (60 days): during the free evaluation period, you must contact Alachisoft and obtain a Free Trial License Key for NCache. This allows you to activate all your NCache VMs to continue working for up to 60 days that can be extended further upon request. During this time, you need to complete your evaluation and if you decide to purchase and obtain a purchase license key and reactivate all your NCache VMs with it.

During the Evaluation and Trial Period, NCache is fully functional and also free. And, you’re also able to get technical support from our world-class Technical Support team.

NCache Clients for Azure & AWS

NCache has a server portion and a client portion. The server portion is what you purchase/obtain from Azure & AWS marketplaces. And, client portion is something you can embed inside your application. You can obtain NCache Client from the following sources:

  • - NuGet Packages: NCache has made available a list of NuGet packages for you to download and use inside Visual Studio to make client configuration seamless. The three most common NuGet packages are NCache.SDK, AspNet.SessionState.NCache, and AspNetCore.Session.NCache. Detailed list of NuGet Packages is provide at the download page.
  • - Remote Client (.NET / .NET Core) (Windows): You can download a Windows Installer (.msi) file from the downloads page and install NCache Remote Client on machines where your .NET / .NET Core application is running.
  • - Remote Client (.NET Core) (Linux): You can download a .tar.gz file from the downloads page and install NCache Remote Client on machines where your .NET Core application is running.

You can bundle the NCache Client libraries inside your .NET / .NET Core application and deploy to Azure and AWS. However, please note that bundled NCache Client libraries only provide an InProc Client Cache feature. OutProc Client Cache is only possible if you install NCache Client through Windows Installer (.msi file).

Azure & AWS VPC (Managed Service) (NCache 5.0)

Coming soon…

In both Azure and AWS virtual private clouds (VPC), NCache Enterprise 5.0 is going to be available as a fully managed distributed cache service. You will be able to provision a set of cache servers in Azure and AWS (within your own subscription) and start using them immediately. And, Alachisoft support staff is going to monitor and maintain your cache servers to ensure high availability. The underlying VMs at OS level are monitored and managed by the cloud vendor.

You’ll pay the cloud vendor for the VMs and Alachisoft for NCache managed service.

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