NCache Service-Level Agreement (SLA)

Maintenance Services

  1. While Maintenance Services are in effect, Licensor shall:
    1. Maintain the Licensed Software so that it operates in conformity with all applicable specifications;
    2. Detect and correct all software Defects discovered by Licensee or otherwise made known to Licensor;
    3. Promptly provide to Licensee all upgrades and enhancements that Licensor incorporates into and makes a part of the Licensed Software;
    4. Furnish email and telephone support with qualified personnel knowledgeable in the Licensed Software during working hours of 7am-5pm (US Eastern Time) Monday through Friday, in the form of advice and counsel on the use and maintenance of the Licensed Software;
    5. Respond to email and telephone support requests within 2 Business Days of the call or email;
    6. Provide a program fix or work-around for reported problems within five (5) business days for Critical Defects, within thirty (30) business days for Defects which have a material impact on the Licensee Affiliate's or Licensed Company’s ability to use the Licensed Software and by the next release of the Licensed Software for all other Defects; and
  2. Licensor represents and warrants that it shall perform all software Maintenance Services at least according to the same quality standards as are contained in the Licensed Software at the time initially licensed to Licensee Affiliate. Licensor shall not discontinue or fail to perform its Maintenance Services of the Licensed Software, as specified in paragraph 1 of this Addendum I, for any version of the Licensed Software used by Licensee Affiliate or any Licensed Company unless Licensor has first given Licensee Affiliate at least six (6) months prior written notice of such discontinuance.
  3. Licensor may provide such Maintenance Services at its selected office; however, if no resolution to Licensee Affiliate’s satisfaction can be made to correct Defects in the Licensed Software in Licensor's facilities, then upon request by Licensee, Licensor will make such correction, at reasonable costs paid by the Licensee for time and expenses, in Licensee’s facilities. Licensee will provide reasonable access to the designated facility and reasonable user support to assist in correcting any such Defects. Reasonable costs include time and material, and travel and lodging expenses related to such work.
  4. Licensee shall send an email to Licensor support team fully describing the nature of problem that the Licensee is encountering and the help they seek. Licensor support staff shall respond either via email or phone depending on the nature of the issue at hand.

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