NCache Integrated with MS Visual Studio/Entity Framework 6.x/NuGet


April 7, 2015

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.NET Caching Leader Makes NCache Easier to Manage than Ever

San Ramon, California - April 7, 2015 - Alachisoft, the market leader in 100% native .NET distributed caching today released a series of Microsoft enabling features for its NCache product. NCache is now fully integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio and allows .NET developers to manage the cache from within Visual Studio just like they would manage SQL Server.

Alachisoft has also released a NuGet package for NCache that seamlessly configures Visual Studio environment for NCache use and allows a .NET developer to use various features of NCache with minimum effort. All of this brings NCache closer to Microsoft .NET development tools and simplifies the use of caching for .NET developers.

In the words of Iqbal Khan, a technology evangelist at Alachisoft, "Visual Studio is far and away the favorite development environment of .NET developers. Our goal with this release was to ensure that developers do not have to leave their favorite IDE to use NCache and also NCache-related things are auto-configured for them inside Visual Studio."

Alachisoft has also gotten NCache certified by Microsoft for Windows Server 2012 R2 so customers can feel totally comfortable deploying NCache in their production environments.

Finally, Alachisoft has released an updated integration with Entity Framework latest versions (6.0/6.1). NCache has implemented a Second Level Cache Provider at ADO.NET level for Entity Framework. This allows customers to incorporate NCache into their EF applications without any code changes or programming effort.

The service pack released today also provides major improvements in memory consumption and management by NCache for extreme transaction volumes.

NCache provides an extremely fast and scalable distributed cache for .NET and Java server applications. Caching allows applications to remove performance bottlenecks related to their databases and data storage and to linearly scale to handle extreme transaction loads. NCache is being used in diverse environments including ASP.NET applications, WCF web services, and other .NET and Java server applications for hundreds of customers in the financial services, transport, manufacturing and healthcare industries.

About Alachisoft

Alachisoft is the only provider with 100% native .NET and Java distributed caching products. NCache is a .NET distributed cache that supports both .NET and Java applications. And, TayzGrid is a native Java In-Memory Data Grid that supports both Java and .NET applications.

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