With NCache Playground, you can now play with NCache features instantly and without going through the effort of installing and configuring NCache. You also have a range of .NET and Java samples available to you that you can edit and run. NCache Playground runs an instance of NCache online that you can “play with” just using your browser. Additionally, you can also launch the NCache Playground via the NCache Installer in NCache 5.3 SP2.

The NCache Playground gives you two options:

  1. Basic: Run .NET samples from your browser against a single running NCache
  2. Sandbox Session (30-min): Do the following from your browser.
    1. Edit and run .NET & Java samples against a running NCache cluster
    2. Use a running 2-Node cluster of NCache
    3. Use NCache Management Center, Monitor, and Statistics tools
Figure 1: NCache Playground Home

Figure 1: NCache Playground Home

Key Benefits of the NCache Playground

The NCache Playground is an exceptional resource for .NET and Java developers, offering an interactive environment to explore NCache’s functionalities in real-time. It covers a wide range of scenarios, from basic CRUD operations to advanced features like Pub/Sub Messaging and Data Structures. Users can run provided code samples to understand use cases and optimize caching algorithms.  Furthermore, executing live samples is simple and instantly rewarding, allowing users to engage with caching scenarios and see results in real-time. Its standout feature is accessibility – no downloads or installations are needed. Simply visit the Alachisoft website, click “Try Playground,” and start using it for free.

What can you do with NCache Playground?

The NCache Playground gives you the ability to carry out a variety of tasks and experiments, such as:

  • Create and configure caches with modified cache parameters to meet the requirements of your application.
  • Store and retrieve data in the cache to simulate various real-world use cases.
  • Simulate NCache usage and monitor how the cache responds to various feature implementations.

Figure 2: NCache Playground Monitor

  1. Figure 3: NCache Playground Statistics

    Figure 3: NCache Playground Statistics

Feature-Rich Experience for Java and .NET Users:

For .NET Users:

In the NCache Playground, .NET developers can explore a comprehensive range of caching features, starting from Basic Caching Operations, including storing, retrieving data, and ensuring data consistency with Cache Item Locking. Tags make it easy to organize cached data, and EF Core Resultset Caching enhances performance by caching EF Core resultsets. SQL Query enables efficient data retrieval, while EF Core LINQ simplifies querying.  Data Structures like Lists and Queues improve collection management within the cache, and Pub-Sub Messaging enables event-driven communication among application components.

Figure 4: EF-Core Result Set Caching

Figure 4: EF-Core Result Set Caching

For Java Users:

While Java users share some features with .NET users, such as Basic Caching Operations and Cache Item Locking, Java users also benefit from these unique features that cater specifically to Java-based application development. Such as, Hibernate Caching integrates Hibernate-based apps with NCache, boosting performance and reducing database load, and, Spring Data Caching Streamlines Spring-based app caching.

Figure 5: Hibernate Caching

Figure 5: Hibernate Caching


The NCache Playground is an engaging and educational tool that demonstrates NCache’s potential and equips users with the knowledge necessary to apply complex caching concepts. Thus, it helps users to further explore, implement, and ultimately harness the power of NCache to optimize the efficiency and responsiveness of their applications. So, don’t wait any longer and give NCache Playground a try today and let it guide your application towards an excellent journey of caching.