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February 14, 2018

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NCache 4.9 SP Released with Major Performance Improvements

San Ramon, California - February 14, 2018 - Alachisoft, the maker of NCache, in memory distributed cache for .NET in .NET, has released NCache 4.9 SP with major performance enhancements and new features has been added.

Clustering and caching in ASP.NET Core has never been easier with release of NCache 4.9 SP. This service pack has also major performance improvements along with following enhancements and additions:

  • Recovery from Split-Brain:

    Split-Brain is a situation where due to temporary network failures between cluster nodes result in multiple subclusters. Each subcluster, in this case, has its own coordinator node and does not know about the other subclusters. This can eventually result in inconsistent data result in inconsistent data and client request behavior. With NCache 4.9, users can enable the cache clusters to automatically recover from SplitBrain scenarios without any manual intervention.

  • ASP.NET Core Response Caching:

    NCache's implementation of IDistributedCache utilizes Distributed Cache Tag Helper that provides the ability to dramatically improve the performance of your ASP.NET Core app by caching its responses.

  • Major Performance Improvements:

    There is 20-25% performance improvement in basic ADD, INSERT and GET cache operations.

  • More Features in Open Source and Community Editions:

    Open Source and Community editions have now same client API as Enterprise edition has. That means all Enterprise developer features are now also available in Open Source and Community editions.

Find release notes here. You can download your copy of NCache. Here are what's new in NCache.

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Alachisoft is the only provider with 100% native .NET, .NET Core and Java distributed caching products. NCache is a .NET distributed cache that supports both .NET and Java applications. Visit our website at or send us an email at

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