Leading .NET NCache available in cloud marketplaces


June 6, 2016

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Leading 100% .NET cache available in cloud marketplaces

San Ramon, California - June 6, 2016 - Alachisoft, the undisputed market leader in .NET distributed caching, today announced the availability of NCache in Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services cloud marketplaces.

This provides a superior, proven and affordable 100% .NET alternative to Azure Redis cache.

NCache is 100% native .NET and is integrated with the .NET tool stack including Visual Studio, Entity Framework and NHibernate so users do not need to turn to java-based solutions.  Migration from AppFabric is easy with the free NCache AppFabric wrapper.

NCache Cloud is available as Professional edition.  Professional is functionally closer to Azure Redis cache, although with more features. NCache cloud pricing is affordable, competitive and includes free client licenses and optional technical support during business hours or 24/7.

This significant new cloud product brings a proven, competitive distributed cache to the .NET community that dynamically scales to any data transaction load, and that also provides a 100% .NET in memory computing grid.

For details on NCache in Azure or AWS, or to learn more, click here.

About Alachisoft

Alachisoft is the only provider with 100% native .NET and Java distributed caching products. NCache is a .NET distributed cache that supports both .NET and Java applications. And, TayzGrid is a native Java In-Memory Data Grid that supports both Java and .NET applications.

Visit our website at www.alachisoft.com or send us an email at sales@alachisoft.com.

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