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July 9, 2009

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Josh Hamid 
Director Marketing
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NCache 3.6.2 has been released

San Ramon, California - July 9, 2009 - Alachisoft has released NCache 3.6.2 which contains some important bug fixes and minor improvements.

In this release, NCache client connections are rebalanced among the cluster nodes automatically upon the addition of a new cluster node. As a result, customers do not have to worry about load balancing on cache servers. Support for stored procedures and command object in DB Dependency has also been added. Performance monitoring is also enhanced with the introduction of a few new counters.

Another thing that has been addressed in this new release is the recognition and license management of virtual machines running on a single box. This has solved the licensing requirement issue that some customers faced due to their virtual environments.

A few bugs have also been fixed or removed. There were some CPU usage problems that occurred under specific conditions that have been addressed. Certain Database Dependency issues, average counter problems and memory leakage situations were discovered and fixed.

This is the latest and the most stable issue of NCache and everyone is encouraged to download and/or upgrade for optimal performance and reliability.

Please download your copy of NCache 3.6.2.

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Alachisoft, a Florida based company, designs, develops, and markets NCache, NWebCache and TierDeveloper for .NET. NCache, a clustered object and session cache for .NET, allows customers to boost performance of their applications by as much as 10 times. NWebCache is a ASP.NET content cache. TierDeveloper, an object to relational (O/R) mapping code generator for .NET, cuts down development time by 50%. Visit our website at or send us an email at

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